Conditions de Vente


Conditions of Sale on our Live Auction Sales and Internet Auction Sales and Internet Exhibitions of Sales


Paul Deutsch Auction is a registered and licensed auctioneer enterprise (ATU 10568009) of the State of Vienna (Austria/Europe). All items and properties we offer are on the basis of a commissioner which means that we act as agents for third parties (buyer and seller) to buy and sell fine art and antiques only. Paul Deutsch Auctions will be monogrammed PDA in the forthcoming paragraphs.

All goods PDA offers on our internet site are consigned for sale at the PDA website exclusively. There is no permission to reproduce or copy any objects or text from our site. Beware any illegal action in this case or in case of misuse. Photo rights for promotion and commercial use stay with PDA for sold and unsold items.

Descriptions and condition reports as well as any further written material of items consign in our sales are made by PDA proofed and experienced art experts only and all
descriptions are made with the highest achievable actual knowledge and are not guaranteed for the buyer. PDA takes responsibility for this descriptions and guarantee that they are made with the highest level of knowledge and conscience. We guarantee even for misnomers or faults in our descriptions if they happen. We oblige ourselves to make no mislead descriptions. PDA is not responsible for described expertises by other experts than the PDA home experts. In the case of a different opinion, if a reclamation is legitimate, PDA will order a third independent expert which is also accepted by the buyer for a final expertise.

Conditions of objects have to be proofed personally. Frames, passe-par-touts, concealed damages and other covers of objects and there conditions will not be described and guaranteed in descriptions. The estimates shown on our website are made by our experts. This estimates mean which price the item can possibly reach (expectation) and it must be understood as a helpful guide for bidding made by the experiences of the actual market situation. Usually the estimates are made as low as possible and the worth of an item can be even much higher. 

Placing a bid or offer means that you are willing and obliging yourself to buy and pay the selected object to the price you filled out in the bid form or by placing a bid in the saleroom and accepting our Conditions of Sale by sending us the confirmed Bid Registration Form. There may be a reserve or limit price in our sales. Biddings start regularly between 50-75% of the lower estimate. But we do not accept bids/offers under 50% of the lowest estimate. Bidding has to be placed in steps of not less than 10% from the preceding bid (for example: 100... 110... 120... 130... 140... 160... 180.. 200.. 220... etc.). However it is possible to place higher bids as 10%. PDA has the possibility to ignore a bid which is under this 10% mark.


Live sales

If the sale is hold as a Live session there will be the catalogue and description of the objects exclusively on our website on display and partly in a printed brochure. At a Live sale in our business premises, all objects will be on display at least 3 days before the sale in our showrooms. All objects should be proofed personally by the buyer prior to the sale; the completeness and correctness of the descriptions and photos cannot be guaranteed. The bidder/buyer commits himself in any circumstances to fulfil the payment of the item he won in the sale by knock of hammer. Reclamations after knock of hammer will not be accepted.

The catalogue with descriptions and photos are online only and have no guarantee of totality, accuracy and truth. The participation at the sale personal, by telephone or even in form of a written bid is only possible with registration prior to the sale on our website by filling out a bid form with your data and an existing credit card number (where a certain amount will be reserved until the object is paid in full or the reservation is cancelled if the bid wasn't successful) with the name of the bidder - after sending online or by fax. After accepted registration, you can participate at the Live sale personally or by phone or in form of a written bid which will be respected by the auctioneer at sale. Written bids which where made online will not be displayed on our website prior to the sale. Telephone lines will provided at the day of sale without guarantee of connection and functioning and is a matter of availability. The sale will be held at a certain time which are announced and published in advanced- entry to the sale room and participation at the sale is only possible with an online registration at least one hour before the sale. All offers from participating parties will be respected. The auctioneer are in title to spare or combine lots as well to cancel the knock of hammer in case of any differences and to sell the object again. The person who offers the highest bid as the object is called will be the winning bidder. The bidding procedure will be ending by the knock dawn of hammer or a ring of the auctioneer's bell after no more bids will increase. The winning bidder is now titled to pay and collect the object in between two weeks. After the sale the Invoice will be prepared and should be cleared as soon as possible. Any lot and also the title and description of the lot will not pass until payment is received in full. For objects which are not collected in between two weeks after the sale (either if they are paid or not) the risk of any type of damage is at the buyers side. Also storage, handling or additional transport charges will be with the buyer after this period. For technical reasons Invoices can not be prepared during the sale as well there is no Payment and collection possible during the Live sale.

Payment can be made in cash/ cheque / bank transfer/ credit card - and have to be cleared proofed and transferred on our accounts before collection and release of goods are possible, as well for additional costs of cheques or credit card payments see dawn under. The Buyers Premium at Live Sales are 24% on the hammer price. Payments by credit card have to face additional charges MC 3,35% / Visa 3,55%. Bank transfer have to be made without charges for PDA.

If you bid for one or more items in our sale, every buyer is personally liable for his bid. Payments have to be made immediately after receiving the invoice at least in between two weeks after the sale (knock down of hammer). PDA have even the right in the event of not paying in between two weeks to cancel the sale and for complaint by justice or any other kind of legal action at the home address of the hesitate buyer. This possible complaint includes any further expenses in that case for PDA and any loss of earnings. PDA have the right to offer the objects in a sale again and the default customer has to compensate any loss of business.

Any lot and also the title and description of the lot will not pass until payment is received in full. Objects which are not collected in between two weeks after the sale either if they are paid or not the risk of any type of damage is at the buyers side. Also storage, handling or additional transport charges will be with the buyer after this period. PDA is not responsible for any licenses or documents in case of export or import or for packing, insurance and transport. Charges for documents have to be paid by the buyer. Even if PDA is assisting in some case, the buyer dispense PDA for any case of reclamation. The risk of damage or loss is with the buyer after he or his commissioner is receiving the goods, even if the transport was organised by PDA. If transport charges are described as guaranteed in the description the buyer has the guarantee that the transport costs will not be more as stated. PDA advice you to order transport insurance. All transport and packing which PDA is arranging itself or with other companies are not guaranteed and the buyer accepts complete exclusion of liability.

Important Information
Kindly note that participation at the sale even personal is only possible with mandatory prior registration at least one hour before the sale and can be done ONLINE or by fax. Bidders without online registration will not be accepted.

Explanation of Cataloguing Terms:

1.) Only if the name of an artist is written in full with his life dates and place of birth and death the object is in our mind by that artist. Whether the object is signed or not.

2.) "Attributed to … " means that in our mind it is a work by the hand of the described artist, although there is a degree of uncertainty as to the authorship.

3.) "Studio or workshop …" means that the object was created with influence from the artist or from his absolutely near environment, maybe with parts from the artist himself.

4.) "Circle of …" means in our mind a work by an closely influenced artist from the same period and same style.

5.) "School of …" means that in our mind the object was executed at the written time and location or from an artist in his influence but from a following generation.

6.) "Manner of …" means that the object is in style near to the named artist but is possibly from a later date.

7.) "Follower of …" is a work in the style of the described artist but from a later date.

8.) "After …" is in our mind a later copy of the work of that artist.

9.) "Bears signature …" means that the signature is by another hand (faked).

All Descriptions, Conditions and Dates specify only the item itself but not possible attached ore included items like frames, covers, passe-par-touts, boxes, mantles, textiles, etc.