Il était une fois...


About 120 years ago at the end of the 19th century the first member of the Deutsch family began to trade with antiques.
In the beginning grown out of an accidental transaction to offset pecuniary embarrassment, dealing with antiques soon got the chief occupation, and till today each generation of the family is comprehended with enthusiasm, interest and fascination in this field.
It's not only subsistence of life, it's also the life occupation of the family.
After the first world war two stores could be opened in the inner historical city of Vienna, but they get lost in the beginning of the second war.
After the great losses of the war, the first stores could be opened again in London 1949 by Hugo Deutsch and in Vienna 1954 by Friedrich Deutsch. Both branches are existing till today.


1971 Friedrich Deutsch was one of the founders of the Art Exhibition fair at the Royal Pallace in Vienna.
He opened 1972 the first private auctioneers sale room in Vienna and Austria after the war and was the first President of the Association of certificated art experts by the Austrian court Authorities untill 1996.


Since 1985 Paul Deutsch leads the company :
◊ Authorised and licensed auctioneer for art and antiques of the state Vienna.
◊ Official auctioneer to the state exhibition at Chateau Halbturn.
◊ Member of the official Vieneese Antique Dealer Association (CINOA).
◊ Participation at the West German Art Fair between 1992 - 1995.
◊ Foundation of the sale room Deutsch and Keil 1995.


The branch in the old historic center of Vienna offers a wide selection of classical art and antiques, collector items up to decorative fitments and unusual objects as well as curiosities of nearly all fields and periods.
Specialised in european art from 1700 to 1900. The store offers permanently saleable articles as well as commission objects direct from private persons or collectors, as well as manorial estates from time to time.